Rep. Hank Johnson – Google Books Hearing, U.S. House Judiciary Committee hearing:


Judge Chin Google Books Settlement Decision (March 22, 2011) (PDF)

Treaty Violations Analysis (May 10, 2010) (PDF)

U.S. Department of Justice Statement of Interest (Feb 4, 2010) (PDF)

OBA Supplemental Amicus Brief for GBS 2.o (PDF)

Analysis of GBS 2.0’s Inability to Address DOJ Objections (PDF)

Public Guardian to Protect Literary Heritage Letter (PDF)

Congressional Authors Letter (PDF)

Open Letter Calling for Transparent Process (PDF)

The Google Books Settlement: Fact vs. Fiction (PDF)

What Experts are Saying About the Settlement

Letter to the House Judiciary Committee (PDF)

Letter from Academic Authors

Court Filings:

Motion to Adjourn Fairness Hearing

Memo in Support of Adjournment

U.S. Department of Justice Brief

Open Book Alliance Amicus Curiae Brief

The Internet Archive

Consumer Watchdog

State of Connecticut

American Law Institute

American Society of Media Photographers, et al.

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DC Comics

Ian Franckenstein

Scott E. Grant

Arlo Guthrie et al.

Harassowitz, et al.

Federal Republic of Germany

University of California Faculty


Google Book Settlement Documents

Observations on the Google Settlement – Cynthia M. Gayton, Esq., Bloomberg Law Reports

The Public Index – a project of the Public-Interest Book Search Initiative and the Institute for Information Law and Policy at New York Law School to study and discuss the proposed Google Book Settlement led by Professor James Grimmelmann

VIDEO: Pamela Samuelson lecturing on the Google Book Settlement at the University of North Carolina

Social Science Research Network: Antitrust and the Google Books Settlement: The Problem of Simultaneity

Social Science Research Network: Proactive FTC/DOJ Intervention in the Google Book Search Settlement: Defending Our Public Values, Protecting Competition

Social Science Research Network: The Google Book Search Settlement: A New Orphan-Works Monopoly?

Almansi Objections to the Google Book Search Settlement

Pamela Samuelson Letter to Judge Chin 4.27.09

Orphan Works and the Google Book Search Settlement

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