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Research on Gear Pump Performance Test Bench

Research on Gear Pump Performance Test Bench

As the power component of the hydraulic system of the construction machinery, the hydraulic pump converts the mechanical energy input by the prime mover into pressure energy output, and provides pressure oil for the actuator.

Hydraulic gear pump

The performance of the pump directly affects the performance and reliability of the hydraulic system, and it plays an important role in the hydraulic transmission. Due to its simple structure and reliable operation, the gear pump has been widely used in hydraulic systems. This paper mainly introduces the composition and working principle of the gear pump performance test bench.

working principle

The test bench is mainly composed of a power drive system, a hydraulic control system, a filter temperature control circulation system, an oil leakage recovery system, an electrical control system, a computer control and a test system. It realizes the functions of power drive, oil supply, hydraulic loading, oil recovery and electrical control, test parameter control and measurement of the pump under test.

Power drive system

Research on Gear Pump Performance Test Bench

The power drive system consists of an AC motor, a torque speed sensor and a drive pump frame. The frequency converter controls the AC motor, so that the pump under test obtains different rotation directions and rotation speeds. The transmission pump frame adopts the overall structure structure, and the quick-pressing device of the transition joint disk, the bushing and the pump end cover realizes the fast with the pump under test. Connections for installation of different types of pumps.

The hydraulic system uses hydraulic oil as the working medium to realize energy conversion. For a hydraulic system, the oil inevitably generates pressure loss, volume loss and mechanical loss, etc., and these losses are basically converted into heat energy; When the construction machinery of the high-power closed circuit is operated for a long time, the oil is closed in the system, and good cooling is not obtained, and the temperature rise of the oil is more obvious.

Therefore, the scientific design of the system to achieve rapid thermal equilibrium of the oil, which can not underestimate the hydraulic system to maintain good working characteristics.

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