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Technical measures to improve the pump efficiency of the pump(2)

Technical measures to improve the pump efficiency of the pump(2)

Rational use of gas energy and reduced gas impact

Technical measures to improve the pump efficiency of the pump(2)

The influence of gas on oil well production varies with the oil well's own conditions. For some oil wells that have been converted from self-spraying to oil extraction, the initial oil well still has a certain self-spraying ability, so the casing gas can be controlled and utilized. The energy function of the gas assists in the mining, so that the oil well is in the development state of the combination of spraying and pumping, thereby improving the oil well production and the actual pumping efficiency. However, for some pumping wells without self-spraying, the control of the casing gas can also stabilize the liquid surface, and it can reduce the increase of fluid viscosity caused by excessive degassing of crude oil and affect the pump efficiency. .

Improve pump efficiency

Technical measures to improve the pump efficiency of the pump(2)

In the process of using the oil pump, corresponding measures should be taken to reduce the wear of the pump during use and reduce the leakage of the pump.

Avoid the impact of vibration loads and alternating loads on the tubing

In this process, the tubing anchoring technology should be further promoted, the parameters should be optimized, the pumping wells should be reduced, the resonance should be avoided, and the vibration load of the sucker rod column should be reduced.

Reduce the impact of gas on the pump efficiency of the pump

(1) Install the air anchor. The phenomenon that the gas enters the pump can be relieved by installing a gas anchor at the lower part of the pump. This method can effectively reduce the gas entering the pump, thereby improving the pumping efficiency of the pump.

(2) Put the casing gas. Regularly releasing the casing gas can effectively separate the dissolved gas in the crude oil, thereby preventing the gasification of the crude oil and improving the pumping efficiency of the oil pump.

(3) Ensure the rationality of the work system. When the pumping unit is working, it is necessary to select the model of the equipment reasonably, and ensure that the equipment runs smoothly during the process. Only in this way can the pumping efficiency of the pump be effectively improved.

Staff training

The oil mining staff should be organized to effectively train and deepen the staff's understanding of the pump, to avoid problems when the staff operate the pump, and to improve the efficiency of oil pumping while ensuring the rationality of the pumping pump.


In summary, it is understood that the pump plays a very important role in oil exploitation. In theory, the rationality of the operating state of the pump is often determined by the pump efficiency of the equipment. However, during the operation of the pump, the pump efficiency of the equipment will be interfered by three factors: natural factors, subjective conditions and operating methods. Based on this, effective treatment methods should be formulated according to these three factors to ensure the rationality of pumping efficiency of the pump. Promote the smooth implementation of oil exploration.

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