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Modification of vane pump in hydraulic system

Modification of vane pump in hydraulic system

In July 1992, Qingdao Petrochemical Plant used 7 electro-hydraulic controlled cold-wall slide valves (referred to as electro-hydraulics) jointly developed by Lanlian Machinery Plant and Beijing Liusan 4 in the technical transformation project of 3.5M t/ a catalytic cracking unit. Slide valve).

The domestic YBX-D16 single-acting variable vane pump is the important hydraulic component of the electro-hydraulic spool valve and the power source of the hydraulic system. Each electro-hydraulic spool valve has two vane pumps, one for operation and one for standby. Smooth operation is the primary condition for ensuring the safe and smooth operation of the electro-hydraulic slide valve.

Modification of vane pump in hydraulic system

The hydraulic vane pump should have the characteristics of small size, light weight and excellent performance. However, since the operation in October 1992, there have been many faults such as vibration, noise, pressure, pressure fluctuation, etc., and automatic operationis required to switch to handduring maintenance. The shaking operation increases the labor intensity of the workers and causes fluctuations in the operation of the device. In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the electro-hydraulic slide valve, in the overhaul of the catalytic device in June 1994, we modified the vane pump.

The sealing volume is gradually increased, causing a partial vacuum and filling with oil. When the cavity reaches the maximum volume, the distribution plate separates it from the oil suction side to complete the oil absorption process. Then, it is connected to the oil discharge side, the rotor continues to rotate, and the inner curved blade of the stator enters the groove again, and the cavity volume becomes smaller. According to this, the oil is pressed into the oil discharge port to realize the oil discharge process.

Through technological transformation, the long-standing problems of the vane pump have been solved. Since the vane pump was rebuilt in June 1994, it has performed well and achieved obvious results, which are embodied in the following three aspects:

1) Through technical transformation, the problems of vibration, noise, pressure, pressure fluctuation, etc. in the use of the vane pump are solved. The performance of the vane pump meets the technical requirements, ensuring the long-term operation of the catalytic device.

2) Extend the service life of the vane pump. After the retrofit, the vane pump rarely fails, overhaul every year, repair the vane pump, and find that the rear distribution disc has no wear, which saves a lot of maintenance costs and reduces the maintenance of the vane pump. The device fluctuates.

3) Avoid the metal of the original design of the thin copper skin

The powder runs to the hydraulic system, so that it contaminates the hydraulic oil or blocks the hydraulic components, ensuring safe and reliable operation of the electro-hydraulic spool valve for a long period of time.

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