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The “internal leakage” and “external leakage” of the hydraulic gear pump cannot be ignored.

The “internal leakage” and “external leakage” of the hydraulic gear pump cannot be ignored.

If the hydraulic pump of the tractor is improperly repaired, various faults will occur and affect the farm time. Therefore, the correct use of the maintenance hydraulic pump is an important guarantee for extending its service life and ensuring stability, sensitivity and reliability.

After long-term work of the hydraulic pump, the common problem of the rubber oil seal is that the aging becomes hard and loses the elasticity, which causes the sealing between the low pressure oil chamber and the high pressure oil chamber to be lost. At the same time, the oil pump bushing and the gear end face are worn, resulting in the compression of the pressure relief seal. The amount becomes smaller and the performance deteriorates.

Therefore, the high pressure chamber leaks into the low pressure chamber (generally referred to as “internal leakage”) in the oil pump. The pressure and productivity of the oil pump are reduced, so that the operating equipment can be lifted slowly or not, and the phenomenon of erroneous farming is serious. If the maintenance is not good in daily work, it will also cause the “outer leakage” phenomenon and the largest consumption of oil.

The “internal leakage” and “external leakage” of the hydraulic gear pump cannot be ignored.

The main reasons are:
1 The pipe joint is not strict due to the aging of the rubber seal ring ;
2 The oil pump casing inlet and outlet joints are engaged ( such as the pump cover and the pump casing joint surface ) leaking ;
3 Air entering the tank accumulates a lot of air bubbles. This is mainly caused by the loss of elasticity of the self-tightening seal. The incoming air causes the oil to lose the transmission pressure and the pressure is low. In a hurry, it is important to maintain the maintenance of the hydraulic system. In this way, it is possible to ensure that the hydraulic system of the tractor is equipped with a large number of suspension tools, expand the mechanical engineering project, and increase the utilization rate, which is conducive to agricultural mechanization.

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