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Measures to increase the usage rate of centrifugal oil pumps(2)

Measures to increase the usage rate of centrifugal oil pumps(2)

4Fracture analysis method of centrifugal oil pump

Measures to increase the usage rate of centrifugal oil pumps(2)

Firstly, the centrifugal oil pump failure analysis should first read the relevant knowledge books, understand the structure and principle of the oil pump, increase the understanding of the equipment, and be familiar with the faults of the centrifugal oil pump and the measures that should be handled. When there is a problem with the centrifugal oil pump, It should be handled in a scientifically correct way.

The centrifugal oil pump fault handling program is to observe the occurrence of faults in the machine equipment, find out the internal and external causes, combine various empirical methods and scientific means for diagnosis and repair, and do the final processing of the equipment.

5 typical fault analysis and treatment measures

Centrifugal oil pumps will have various faults during the oil transportation process. You should first understand the cause of the oil pump failure, and adjust and eliminate the existing faults to improve the efficiency of the oil pump. The main faults and measures of the centrifugal oil pump are as follows: What time is it.

5.1 oil pump does not absorb oil

If the oil pump does not absorb oil, it should be observed whether there is enough oil injected into the oil pump. In addition, it should be observed whether the suction pipe, the vacuum gauge leaks or leaks, the water filter is clogged, and the insufficient oil absorption will hinder the oil pump from absorbing oil. It is found that the oil pump should not clean the oil, the water filter should be cleaned, and the bad oil leakage pipe and vacuum gauge should be replaced.

5.2 oil pump does not produce oil

The reason why the oil pump does not produce oil is that the steering of the pressure gauge is wrong, the impeller of the water pump cannot be rotated, or the oil pump has been damaged, and the water filter network is blocked, which may cause no water. The oil filter should be cleaned when the pump is not out of water to keep it clean. Clean the environment around the impeller, and the damaged impeller or oil pump should be repaired and replaced.

5.3 Insufficient traffic

The reason for the insufficient flow is that the filter is clogged, the oil filter is blocked, and the oil pump is blocked. The oil pump should be cleaned, the oil filter net should be cleaned, the environment around the oil pump should be cleaned, and damaged parts should be replaced.

5.4 oil pump vibration

Loose screws, bad bearings, and unbalanced oil pump can cause it to move violently. The measures that can be taken are to tighten the screws, place the pump in a balanced position, and replace or repair the bearings.

6 Conclusion

Centrifugal oil pumps play a major role in the production of work. If you want to improve the utilization rate of the oil pump, you should first purchase the oil pump that meets the standard requirements, and eliminate the faults. Check and repair it regularly to understand the faults and treatments that often occur in the centrifugal oil pump. This will help improve the operation of the centrifugal oil pump. Efficiency, ensuring safe use and production at work.

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