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Discussion on maintenance methods of hydraulic valves (2)

Discussion on maintenance methods of hydraulic valves (2)

Discussion on maintenance methods of hydraulic valves (2)

Optional combination parts maintenance In the process of manufacturing hydraulic valves, in order to make the assembly accuracy effective, most of the selection methods are selected, that is, for a batch of finished parts, such as the valve core and the valve body, the actual size should be According to the most reasonable choice of the fit clearance, and then assembled, so that the spool can ensure good sliding performance and good sealing performance.

In other words, for a hydraulic valve of the same type, there may be some differences in the size of the valve body and the valve core. In actual use, when there are a large number of failed hydraulic valves in the enterprise, all hydraulic valves can be removed and cleaned. Check and measure each part, classify the parts according to the results obtained by the test, and then re-compose the combination by a certain method.

After the inspection, if the valve body and the valve core are found to be worn, but the working surface is not seriously scratched or there is no serious wear in the part, then the gap can be selected and the valve body can be reassembled; The clearance between the body and the valve is increased compared with the clearance specified in the product drawing, and the degree of increase is between 20% and 25%. At this time, a certain method should be adopted to increase the size of the spool. Then, research and repair will be carried out.

For the valve seat and the spool in the type of the cone valve type, if the contact surface in the conical seat valve is poorly sealed, since the poppet valve can automatically compensate the gap under the action of the spring, it is only necessary to perform grinding.

If the valve body and the valve are not evenly worn or scratched on the working surface, the above method cannot be used to recover the hydraulic valve function. When the valve body and the valve core are selected, the interference in the machining allowance requirement should be satisfied. For the valve body hole, it should be properly reamed, and the valve core should be properly ground, so that the shape accuracy and assembly clearance can be reasonable.

Dimensional restoration repair and repair For the repair and maintenance process, it includes many types. It is more suitable for hydraulic valve repair and is widely used in the brush plating maintenance method. This method is also called electric coating maintenance.

For the electroplating repair and maintenance method, the repaired reasonable thickness is within o.12 m m, which can basically meet the maintenance requirements of the uniform wear hydraulic valve, and further processing is required after the repair.

In the aspect of electric coating repair and repair, the more common process is chemical composite electrocoating. The process is based on the mature electrocoating process. The advantages are convenient operation method, simple equipment, and cost comparison. Low, at the same time easier to control its reaction, in the maintenance process of the hydraulic valve, the process can be used to precipitate more composite coating on the valve hole or the surface of the valve core, the coating and the parent metal can be firmly combined, and its mechanical strength is relatively high. The thermal conductivity is also good, and its thermal expansion coefficient is relatively low. In addition, the friction coefficient is relatively low, and its self-repairing ability is also relatively strong. Therefore, the method can obtain better results in hydraulic valve maintenance.


In the actual use of hydraulic equipment, in order to ensure its good operation, it is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic valve. Therefore, a necessary task should be used to repair the hydraulic valve through effective methods, and problems in various aspects of the hydraulic valve should be timely. Effectively solved, so that the hydraulic valve can be used better, thus ensuring that the hydraulic equipment can operate normally.

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